The Wonders of 44

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This my friends, is a labour of love.

Now - I am not talking about the wonderful thing a woman goes through after a man has blessed her with child!  No ... that is not the labour of love that I am talking about. :))

I am talking about the joy of being retired and having the time, flexibility and skills to do something that pleases your heart but contributes nothing to your pocket book.

This page will be the gateway to the many wonders I have discovered along Highway 44 and it's offshoots. It will take a bit of time - but I will get there :))

Here is a preliminary sample of the wonders we will be adding :))

bulletThe Harvest Moon Cafe in Garson Manitoba.
bulletThe Alfred Hole Goose Sanctuary and Interpretive Center
bulletThe Whiteshell Trappers Museum
bulletSkinners in Lockport
bulletThe Spicy Radish in Whitemouth
bulletThe Nite Hawk Cafe in Westhawk Lake
bulletThe Whiteshell Colony
bulletThe Old Pinawa Dam
bulletThe Whiteshell Fish Hatchery
bulletThe Pinawa Dam
bulletThe Cook's Creek Heritage Museum