Whitemouth Village

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Whitemouth, Manitoba - Gateway to The 44 Wonders.

So ... You think you live in paradise.  Well ... I do :)

I moved here in October 2015. On the very first day in my apartment, I felt like I had moved "home".

When I was a young lad,  I had a very intense series of conversations with very spiritual elderly man.  At the time, I was helping run a sweat lodge at Falcon Trails Resort.  My job was to roll in the "Grandfathers". This was not an easy undertaking as it was extremely hot inside the lodge and some those grandfathers were quite reluctant.

This wise old man told me several times.

"Billy ... seek ye and find the 44 wonders and you will have a happy and fulfilled life my son."

Now, I spent a lot of time trying to understand what in heaven's name he was talking about. I have had my share of wonders but I could not come up with 44 that were relevant at the level he was describing.

BUTT !!!  I have now discovered what he was talking about. Take a scenic drive down highway 44 and you will find many wonderful wonders ... it is wonderful.  I can see my path clearly now. I am to seek, find, and share the Highway #44 wonders with the millions of people who visit my site. I am sooooo happy :)

So ... check out the links below :)

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