Wiggler - Vol 2016.01

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The Whitemouth Wiggler

Volumne  2016.01


The Incredible Bulk

Here is the news that are the news from deep within Whitemouth, Manitoba
Home of the ugly little killer lady bugs.

Several prominent locals have reported seeing the "Incredible Bulk" wandering through the local fields in search of evil doers. He apparently can get quite nasty when he catches one. He has been known to trap the culprit in a web of incredibly boring stories that can last for days. Several ex-culprits now do volunteer work for the RM.

In a related story - the crime rate in Whitemouth has dropped significantly since the "Bulk" has started patrolling the area.

On the entertainment front ...

Local cover guy "WillieKay has been well received at the Personal Care home. It is rumored that he is actually trying to move in but I have it on good authority that he is not. His rustic, old guy catchy throat, style along with the use of several wrong cords has gone over well with the residents. His voice has actually improved over the three performances he has completed so far. It is said that he may actually have his singing voice back by the time he is ready to actually move in. On the positive side ... the residents are no longer fed during his performance and therefore have nothing to throw at the stage.

In a related story ... a new battery in his tuner has improved the overall sound quite dramatically.

We wish you a Merry Christmas - there may not be a summer this year..


The Wiggler