Wiggler Vol 2016.02

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The Whitemouth Wiggler

Volumne  2016.01


How it all started.

Once again ... the news that are the news from deep within Whitemouth, Manitoba
Home of the massive fish

I have had many inquiries regarding what prompted me to start the “Wiggler”.

It all started when I first came to Whitemouth as a young lad of 68. The first thing that caught my eye was the little canoe launch park across from the golf course. A fisherman's dream.

I grabbed my gear one sunny day and decided to cast a few lures into the river ... okay ... a few into the trees also.

In short order - I had hooked a huge one. At least three feet long as near as I could estimate. There ensued a world class battle - man versus fish - fresh dinner vs the freezer. We fought back and forth across that river for over an hour.

Now, every time I got him close to my side I could not help but admire his strength and tenacity. He was a monster and obviously did not want to join me for supper.

Finally, when victory was sure to be mine, I did not have the heart to take this battling beauty away from his family. I let him wiggle off the hook. Yes - really!!!  I let him !

Anyway, as I was sitting on the dock contemplating life, it dawned on me. There are probably hundreds of untold stories here in Whitemouth. And who better to tell them to the world than an honest fisherman.

Thus was born the “Whitemouth Wiggler” - in honor of that brave monster who got away ... I mean ... who was released back into the wild.

And remember folks - it takes a brave man to say no to a woman.


The Wiggler